Work Permit

Please follow the steps below to obtain a Work Permit. Be sure to get your Work Permit immediately; do not work without a Work Permit or your employer could be fined $500.

PLEASE NOTE: Besides completing the green application (link below), be sure to have your parent, your employer, and you sign the "Work Permit Contract" that is attached to the green work permit application. On the green application, you must:

1. Complete the Student Section/School Section of the application.

2. Have your employer complete the Employer Section verifying Workers' Compensation Insurance, hourly wage, and hours of work. They must sign as well.

3. Have your parents sign the application.

4. Return the application to your School site office for processing. It might take a day to process the Work Permit. The secretary will verify your enrollment, proof of age, GPA, attendance, and discipline record.

5.  Return to your School site office and pick up the actual Work Permit. You must sign two copies of the Work Permit and immediately take one copy of the Work Permit to your employer. If your employer does not have your Work permit at his/her business, he/she could be fined $500.

*A copy of these instructions are available with the Work Permit application.