Summer School

Summer school is open to currently enrolled 9th thru 12th-grade SUHSD students who have failed a course and need to replace that grade. See below for Registration information or in the counseling offices at FHS, SHS, and EHS.

Classes with less than sixteen students registered may be canceled. Please register as soon as possible so we can determine courses and staff needs.
Students are not allowed to drive or walk off campus during summer school, including nutrition breaks.

Students who only take one class must not arrive on campus before class begins and must leave campus immediately after class ends. They must provide their own transportation to and from school. All students should review the attendance and behavior policy, as well as the dress code prior to the start of class. Strict enforcement of attendance rules will be followed. 

Summer School 2024
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  • Summer School Registration Packet

Route 56 FHS Shuttle to EHS 
Morning Depart FHS 7:25 AM  Arrive EHS 7:45 AM 
Afternoon Depart EHS 2:50 PM Arrive FHS 3:10 PM
Route 58 SHS Shuttle to EHS 
Morning  Depart SHS 7:25 AM Arrive EHS 7:45 PM
Afternoon Depart EHS 2:50 PM Arrive SHS 3:10 PM