Home Hospital

The First Three Steps in applying for Home & Hospital
Step One: The Referral and Application form:

Anyone who has knowledge that a student will be absent for two to six* weeks should refer that student and his parents to the Home and Hospital Program site administrator or the student’s counselor. The counselor or site administrator will assist in procuring for them an application form. 

*If the student will be gone for longer than six weeks it is recommended that the student transfer to North State Independence High School and enroll in the Medical Independent Study program. Information about this program is available through the student’s counselor.

If the student is a special education student, the site administrator must contact Tim Calkins and schedule an IEP.

Step Two: Complete the Application

Parents should complete part 1 information on the application form and bring it to a physician (M.D., D.O., or D.C.). The physician must sign this form and provide a prescription stating the estimated time for the referral to home & hospital. This should also be on the doctor’s prescription pad so that address and phone numbers are available (and the doctor’s name can be determined). Parents must bring the application form to the site administrator for Home & Hospital at their child’s school.

Step Three: The assignment of a Home & Hospital teacher.

The site administrator will call the district coordinator to find out if the district Home Hospital Instructor is available. If the district instructor is available, the district coordinator will direct this instructor to contact the site administrator for the assignment. If the district instructor is not available, the site administrator will be directed to contact the Home & Hospital instructor of their choice for the assignment.

The site administrator completes and dates part three of the application. A site file is started and copies are sent to the district coordinator at SLC, the Home & Hospital teacher, and parents.