The Technology department maintains the District technology systems: AERIES (students records), ESCAPE (financial), the WAN’s (Wide Area Network), LAN’s (Local Area Network), and phone system, the District website, and document processing. 

Technology Office:
Front Desk: 530.245.2750

Help Desk: 530.225.8400, Ext. 10590
Mike Vincelli
Director of Technology

Elijah Van Slyke Ext.10582
Information Technology Supervisor
Trina Wehunt Ext. 10513
District Applications Systems Supervisor

Jill Kane Ext. 10585
Technology Support Assistant II
Becki Mathis Ext. 10581
Technology Support Assistant I

Michael Bennett Ext. 10588 
Senior Technical Support Supervisor 

Deven Graff  Ext. 10587 
Senior Technical Support Supervisor
Jesse Geron Ext. 10589
Senior Programer
Andrew Witmer Ext. 10594
Programmer I
Eric Muhly Ext. 10584
Computer Support Tech

Travis Thomas Ext. 10583
Senior Technical Support Supervisor
Josh Blanchard Ext. 12598
Computer Support Tech II
Matt Chaney
Computer Support Tech
Keahni Cheeseman Ext. 10593
Computer Support Tech
Computer Support Tech
Computer Support Tech
Computer Support Tech
London Amlin Ext: 13598
Computer Support Tech
Enterprise Computer Technician -Keahni Cheeseman
Foothill Computer Technician - London Amlin
Shasta/Pioneer/SLC Computer Technicians - Contact the Help Desk