Special Education

The Shasta Union High School District's Special Education Department provides a continuum of special education services.

These services include: assessment, academic instruction, speech, and language, and adapted physical education.

Special Education Office:
Phone: 530.241.3261
Fax:  530.245.2631 (Please Fax Special Education Records Request)
Timothy R. Calkins, Principal of Education Services
Rebecca Berg, Assistant Principal of Education Services
Shelly McNeilly, Special Education Secretary, Ext. 10541
Krissy Bullen, Special Education Data Assistant, Ext. 10516
Kathryn Krzywicki Alternative Education, Ext. 17531
Kayti Mann Enterprise High School, Ext. 12532
David Whitacre Enterprise High School & UPrep, Ext. 12016
Diane Cannan, Foothill High School, Ext. 13535
Rebecca Reid, Shasta High School, Ext. 15520
Speech Pathologist
Lisa Dougherty Ext. 15610/13523
Jinn Jacobson Ext. 12018
District Nurse
Collette Cooper Ext. 10518
Angie Whitacre Ext. 16519
Department Chairs
Tyler Grady, Enterprise High School, Ext. 12022
Jennifer Cash, Foothill High School, Ext. 13305
Jill Borba, Shasta Union High School District Chair & SHS Ext. 15319
Workability I
Geralyn Elliott Ext. 10548
Adapted Physical Education
Tina Hill Ext. 15539/12582