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Graduation Requirements


English: 4 years (40 credits)
Mathematics 3 years (30 credits) (two advanced courses are required for graduation)
Science: 2 years lab (20 credits)
Social Science: 4 years (40 credits)
Physical Education:  2 years (20 credits)
Practical/Vocational Arts: 1 year (10 credits)
Visual & Performing Arts: 1 year (10 credits)


Health:                               Satisfied by completion of Personal Growth and Freshman P.E.
Computer Proficiency:     Pass competency test or pass course for Computer Proficiency requirement

ELECTIVES - 60 credits


Six Period Attendance per day through senior year

All seniors are required to maintain a six-period day. Administration may waive one or two periods of this requirement if the student will meet graduation requirements on a reduced day, has citizenship and attendance that meet administrative approval, and does two of the following:
  • Completes a college course on a college campus
  • Scores “Advanced” or “Proficient” on STAR English and Math Content Standards tests
  • Has at least a 2.5 cumulative grade point average


Reading & Writing Proficiency

No Requirements at this time

Mathematics Proficiency

Students must complete  Algebra I or Algebra 1A/1B. All students must complete three years of math, including two advanced courses in math. Two advanced courses will be defined as Algebra I or Algebra 1A/1B and Geometry, Integrated Math 2, Algebra 2, Trig/Pre-Calculus, Calculus, or Statistics.

Computer Proficiency

With increasing and ever-changing technology, it is imperative that all students be familiar with different means of accessing information. It is hoped that the infusion of technology across the curriculum will enable all students, by their junior year, to demonstrate competency. Students must take two semesters of an approved Business or Technology course or pass the district’s Computer Proficiency test as a requirement for graduation. Passing the computer proficiency test does not waive the 10-unit Practical Arts requirement.

Physical Education

  • Freshman P.E. is required of all students for graduation - no waivers and no exceptions.
  • Extracurricular sports cannot be used for credit during the freshman year.
  • For the second year requirement, beginning in the 10th grade, the Principal may allow up to 10 units of credit for P.E.  Students who participate in two consecutive extracurricular sports during one semester can earn 5 credits and students in three consecutive sports in one year can earn 10 credits.
  • Students cannot get initial credit for P.E. during Summer School

Health and Parent Permission

Personal Growth is a required course for all ninth graders to meet the State Health Requirements. The District uses Positive Parent Permission and will provide access to detailed class content outlines prior to instruction concerning sexual health and HIV/AIDS. Parents may choose to exclude their students from participation in certain sections of instruction, guest speakers, and adjacent assessments or surveys. (Ed Code 51937, 51938, 51939)
The California Healthy Kids Survey is administered every year to all students in comprehensive schools, and every other year to students in grades 9 and 11 in continuation schools. Parents will receive notification at least 14 days prior to survey administration in the Fall using Passive Permission, which requires response only if negative (Ed Code 51938b).  Copies of the survey will be available for parent review at least 14 days in advance, both in print format and online.

General Requirements

  • Five units of credit are earned when a student passes one class for one semester.
  • Students must meet the minimum District Competency Standards in reading, writing and mathematics in order to graduate.
  • Credit requirements must be met prior to graduation to participate in graduation exercises.


Certain graduation requirements may be waived with the approval of a Student Study Team and Site Administration. The following requirements may NOT be waived:
1.      Three years of mathematics
2.      Four years of English
3.      Four years of social studies
4.      Two years of lab science
5.      Two years of physical education (except as provided in Board Policy)
6.      One year of practical/vocational arts
7.      One year of visual/performing arts
8.      Successful completion of a minimum of 230 units.